7 Tips for Effective Custom Yard Signs Marketing

Using bandit or yard signs is one of the most effective guerrilla marketing techniques that can take your business to the next level. Putting up a yard sign is an effective way of creating awareness about the business. There are many ways to make a significant impact on your advertising using yard signs. You can put up yard signs in 24-inch x 36-inch or go bigger to 4 feet x 4 feet or perhaps do it to 4 x 8 feet to attract more attention. Here are some of the steps needed to impactful yards signs:

1. Double Exposure

Print signs on both sides so it can be seen from both traffic streams. Taking the extra investment on your signs will ensure that they can be read or seen in any available direction. Or you can plant your signs towards the direction of oncoming traffic flow to become effective.

2. Use Contrasting Colors

Use light and dark color combinations. White backgrounds will look good in black, red, brown, or blue text signage or text. Or you can reverse the process and use white on your red, blue, or green background. Using two tones like black and white will make your sign easier and quicker to read if you use black for text sign and white text for phone numbers on the black background.

3. Use Easy to Read Fonts

Fonts play a big role in yard sign marketing. The best choices for yard signs are fonts that are easy to read on all formats like Arial, Sans Serif, and Verdana. Do not use script fonts as these can create confusion or sometimes become unreadable.

4. Short but Concise

The passengers inside a moving car will only have a brief moment to read your signage and it would help to use no more than two lines of text. The first line should contain a short message and the second is your telephone number. This way you can effectively reach out to your audience the immediate information about your business and where to reach you.

5. Use Arrows

Directional arrows on your custom yard signs have more impact on people who are not into remembering addresses. Using these can help potential customers get pointed exactly where they can go to check your offers and products. Don’t forget to make the arrows bigger as well, as they should be pointing in a specific direction.

6. Do Without Branding

The very purpose of your yard sign is to get people to know what you are offering and how to keep in touch. Writing basic information on your sign is important. You can pitch in your business and products which in turn can get clients to show interest by calling or communicating with you.

7. Size Matters

Size does matter at this point so you can use bigger yard signs. There are varieties of sizes available for your yard signs. You can choose the bigger ones so they can be seen more from a distance. Use BIG letters for your signs to make these more readable even when the distance gets farther from a potential customer’s visual range. This can catch people’s attention and take note of the information printed. Use lots of white space, which can be around 30 to 40 percent as these can make your signs clear and legible as you target a passing audience with only a few seconds to spare.

Customized yard sign marketing is an effective way to reach out to your actual target audience. It is also cost-effective and can serve as a perfect method of local advertising. Costly internet ads or social media campaigns may have a wider scope yet will be seen by people who are unlikely to become your customers. Thus, if you are looking to boost your business presence in your local area, then using yard signs is an effective way.

Source: Imprint.com